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mm5About Molly Maven

Molly Maven is new lifestyle brand in quality activewear for plus size women started by Ray Segev and Scott Farrell. Molly Maven combines design, high fashion and unique functionality. Molly Maven is committed to creating innovative self-improvement plus size activewear.

Our first creation is the Embrace Pant™, a high quality plus size yoga pant with a built in waist cincher. Part plus size activewear and plus size shape-wear, the Embrace Pant is a new invention. Gals interested in high quality plus size workout clothes should find the Embrace Pant™ a welcomed addition to their wardrobe.

Molly Maven is committed to creating innovative self-improvement plus size activewear. We believe in striving for a better self in whatever we do and our wellness philosophy will continue to guide the development of new products that will make you look and feel great while giving you added confidence to support you throughout the day—whether at the gym or out on the town.

WHY    In everything we do, we strive to contribute to those who desire to reach more of their potential. That is our mission and core value.

HOW    We challenge the status quo in our industry by creating products that offer both fashion and function to an under served market.

WHAT   Molly Maven is developing innovative high quality plus size activewear for women.

The Time is Right…   Isn’t it time for an activewear collection that shapes the body and is comfortable for full figured women?

Can apparel inspire people?

What if we were to design a collection that complimented your curves? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to working out, go to the gym or yoga studio?

Society dictates that we should be skinny, athletic and muscular. Every available media platform whether it is television, magazines or the Internet continues to bombard us with images of size 0 models. Even gyms and yoga studios will opt for a skinny spokesperson.

What about the ones who are not and never will be thin? Research shows that us curvy women compile the majority in our population so why aren’t we the ones gracing commercials and magazines?

The Embrace Pant™ is a high quality plus size yoga pant with a built-in waist cincher (Patent Pending).

We are about creating high quality plus size workout clothes that offer:

  • Function AND Fashion
  • Performancemm7
  • Great Fit
  • Highest quality materials
  • Versatility
  • Style

We hope you enjoy our clothing designed by us, just for you!


Your friends at Molly Maven

Who is Molly Maven?

There is a question floating around.

There is a mystery the answer to which at first seems obvious… but it is not.

The question is… the mystery is… who is Molly Maven?

It is a simple question. A question as simple as asking who are you?mm2-A

So the answer must be that Molly Maven is a clothing line, which anyone can see at

But wait, there’s more. There is Ms. Ray. I see her. I watch her. When I listen to her. She moves me. I relate to her. I relate to her vulnerabilities and to her strengths. I relate to her struggles and to her journey.

So is she Molly Maven? She must be Molly Maven.

But wait, there’s more. When Ray speaks to me, I feel a connection because as she tells me her story, I think of my own. I see part of myself in her. When she explains that Molly was created for people like me, I start to see part of myself in Molly with her. Its like am I Molly too.

But wait, there’s more. When Ray speaks to me about Molly, it is as if she is speaking to my hidden self. She is speaking to that part of me below the surface that wants to come out but that I often hold back.

I think I am beginning to understand now. That hidden self is me too but holding it back lessens my experience of life, at least just a little… or maybe a lot. There is more to be had here. There is more I can go for. There is more of me for this world to see.

So who is Molly Maven?

Molly is Ray. Molly is me. Molly is my potential. Look out world here we come.

As Ray says;   “I am Molly. You are Molly. We are Molly Maven.”



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